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Healthy Boundaries for Kids LIVE Webinar

Join Children's Councillor, Eleanor Mann and Yoga Teacher, Emma Johnston for a LIVE webinar covering the topic; Healthy Boundaries for Kids

We start Wednesday 1st May 2024 @ 7am AEST

***Replay Available for 6 Months***

If we had a dollar every time we got a DM from a distressed parent asking us exactly WHAT they should do when their child hits their sibling, or how upset they are after they've lost their temper with their child...we would be multi-millionairs by now.

Life with kids is hard.

But...imagine this;

You know exactly what to do and say when your kids lose it or do something they shouldn't.

You have the space within you to respond the way you want to! More often that not!

Your kids ACTUALLY do what you say!

You feel able to be with their big feelings regardless of how upset or angry they are.

We've spent years finding ways that work with kids.

Not just as parents (we've got 10 kids between our two families!)...but as play therapists, breathworkers and founders of the global parenting movement Reconnected Parenting, we have worked with tens of thousands of parents to find ways that consistently work for all parents.

What we will be covering in the webinar:

  • Learn ways to create healthy boundaries that help you kids to learn to self-regulate

  • Learn the exact Healing Boundaries that Play Therapists use to help kids develop empathy and have positive self esteem

  • Learn how to set limits so that children feel acknowledged, and in a way that helps them to be more willing to follow your limit out of choice (even strong willed kids!).

  • Know exactly what to do and say when your kids are acting up or having a melt down

  • Create healthy boundaries that help them to be more willing to follow your limit out of choice (even strong willed kids!)⁣

  • Know how to stay calm and centred when you set limits with your kids