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Healing Anger Masterclass


  • Infinite Access to the Healing Anger Audio Masterclass
  • Infinite Access to the Healing Anger Breathwork Audio
  • Infinite Access to Reconnected Coaches and Mentors for Breathwork Reflections
  • Learn powerful Breathwork techniques specifically for anger
  • Become more conscious and aware of your feelings
  • Change how you deal with your kids big feelings
  • Gain confidence that you're guiding your kids the way you want to


Thank you for sharing this first practice! I felt pressure on my heart centre (as usual) manifested on my back. Got released through the practice. I also feel quite energised."

"This was my first participation in the reconnected parenting offerings but i'm sure it won't be the last. Thank-you for providing thought provocation and tools to manage this. lots of love x"

"I felt a huge connection to my mum and a huge sadness for her, followed by a deep connection with her, also sobbing quite early."

"Still feel really emotional now. But so light, like i've released something"

"I felt my body riding a wave, i had to move my head gently side to side. i briefly opened my eyes and the light was a hazy green. i saw my ancestors faces, the anger and guilt of others that i carry and want to let go. i felt the space in my belly, reflecting on a loss. i feel both more at peace and also exhausted."

"My intention was to find some space before the reactive anger pattern. In the meditation I drew a bright blue crystal from my chest and felt moved to place it on my forehead. That action made me feel like a vast amount of spaciousness opened up for me that is limitless and will always be available."

"Thank you so much for this, it was difficult for me to drop in this time but maybe that is just what I needed! I will definitely have to rewatch the recording but have gained a lot already and will work on acknowledging my emotions in the moment and seeing what I really need that brought it on. I have to go but am leaving grateful and excited for more!<3"

"Harmonization of divinity inside, the wisdom and space to resolve the situations that occur within out family dynamic 🙏 all is acceptable!"

"Thank you for this! Your intentions are felt! I remembered memories and the pain of not being/feeling abled to express my anger in a safe space in the way i was parented."

"Thank you so much Emma and Eleanor and to all those who have shared alongside me and helped me feel human and heard <3"

"Yes thanks to all for making this a safe and sacred space."

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. what a magical morning :)."

"Thank you for beautifully guiding us through these practices. sincerely looking forward to connecting again."

"Thank you so much. You guys are game changers in the conscious way of living."