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21 Day Nervous System Reset

We start Monday 11th September 2023 @ 8am (Sydney, AEST)

***Instant Replays Available***

21 Day LIVE Breathwork Program with Emma and Eleanor

  • 21 Days of LIVE Breathwork classes delivered via the Reconnected Network (App)
  • Recorded replays available immediately for 28 days (bonus 7 days for catching up!)
  • 28 Days of Group Coaching from Emma, Eleanor and our Reconnected Coaches and Mentors to help you through your process

BONUS #1: Limited Access to the Reconnected Breath Course

  • 28 Days access to the Reconnected Breath online course

Which includes:

  • 10 training videos covering essential Nervous System information to help build you self-awareness of your regulation and dysregulation.
  • 3 different Breathwork practices: Instant Calm, 15-minute daily Breathwork audio and 45-minute weekly Breathwork audio 
  • PLUS Handouts to set goals and track changes

"I am a psychologist who teaches Nervous System work to my clients and this has been the most down to earth training in Nervous System information I have ever attended. Thank you." Dana, USA.

BONUS #2: 4 x “Integrated Stress Archetype” 

  • Your comprehensive guide to the stress archetypes, the Yeller, the Hustler, the Pleaser and the Avoider, and how to integrate them. Go deep into each aspect of these Nervous System responses so they have less control over you in life.⁠

BONUS #3: “How to Let Go of Distractions From Your Spiritual Practice” Masterclass for the Busy Parent.⁠

  • Lifetimes access to an exclusive Masterclass from Eleanor and Emma, who have 30+ years of committed practice, plus 11 children and 2 businesses between them. Learn from the masters!⁠ 

BONUS #4: “The Nervous System Reset Playlist!

  • You asked, we heard you! Nurture your daily practice and your life with high frequency soothing music to take your practice to deeper levels. 50+ songs will become the soundtrack to your transformation!